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Hey, first off my name is Donald and I am a math major and I am going to teach secondary math. I am from Delaware but I was a Navy brat so I have been everywhere. I was never the best person in school. I was very much a class clown but a smart one that never did his homework. I could come i class and get an A on any assignment without studying or doing any homework. That was the biggest mistake I have ever made because I not only failed a few grades but once I finally found my way into college I had hideous study habits and still can't manage my time well to get my homework completed. I started in a community college where I failed all my classes but somehow got accepted to Delaware State on a academic scholarship and band scholarship which paid half of my schooling. It got a little rough there for me so I eventually found my way down here to ODU and that is where I have been for the past three semesters.

Philosophy of Education

Well this is a hard one. I've been around and seen a few things at quite a few different schools but the one thing that is constant across the board is the total dislike of math and science. Personally I love both math and science and have even thought of changing my major to science instead of math. Being African American and having felt the injustices brought upon me because of it I really want to give back in a way that will affect my community in a whole. Black people as a whole don't see school as a means of making it in life more as a mandatory distraction. There are few that actually want to go to school, learn, and participate in academic activities. When I was in school among other things I ran track and was on the debate team. I want young black people to know that you can still be cool and get good grades. I suffered and still are suffering because I took school as a joke instead of taking it seriously as many of my peers did and many kids still are doing. Basically I am saying that today many of our youth don't take school seriously and struggle in both math and science(even the ones who do take it seriously). I really just want to make school important to our youth again.