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I'm studying Russian and editing the pages as quizzes occur to me. Below is some code I found for shuffled quizzes. Next, I want to figure out why a page with two quizzes all the quizzes get submitted at same time.

I found the docs at wikiversity though and here

Next thing is to figure out how to automatically create the quizzes with a script... take translation data from an array generate a formatted quiz from it... maybe I should go hang out at the Python book section... :)


how to put text that does not display in wiki?

Really old stuff[edit]

Creating Text book Modules for Wikibooks with Google Notebook[edit]

I've put together some short instructions for banging together module content with references on the web by using Google Noteboook... I think it could be leveraged into quite a publishing tool if used correctly.

  • install notebook
  • right click add note
  • print document
  • copy and paste into page
  • text clean up


  • easy to use
  • includes URL for references
  • wikipedia and Creative Commons materials available

Video of the process coming soon.

Anyone tried same/similar? You can see some rough content here: and here

Google Notebook[edit]

Monitoring tools in the computer lab

Last edited May 21, 2006

Seeking a tool to make teacher's lives easier by quickly viewing remote users/students' desktops .[edit]

  • user monitor
  • net op

Google –

Every port in the lab is closed... need 8090/8091 open bout:blank – vascript:void(0);

supervise student screens in classroom ...

usermonitor 1.7 - Google Search –

thin client environment the network will be hit a lot harder... but it should work Download UserMonitor - supervise student screens in classroom computer lab –

websense if it blocks/ clients is blocked holds up the whole client application/ host blocking will slow down the network/ click reestablish

hidden camera reestablish contact / to reconnect

usermonitor will not watch the screen in real time/ hidden camera will show five second minimum of screen capturing Download UserMonitor - supervise student screens in classroom computer lab –

hidden camera kind of buggy / not user friendly/ limited usage

hidden camera will allow a total thumbnail of what's going on in the classroom

record keystrokes as well/

Download UserMonitor - supervise student screens in classroom computer lab –

spyware: recording every URL Download UserMonitor - supervise student screens in classroom computer lab –

deterrant vs deny allow everything but establish deterrants

show that the school is watching/ lock out and deny

School policy needs to be crystal clear/ Where can I get a good solid manageable student usage policy for students in a school? Download UserMonitor - supervise student screens in classroom computer lab – One of many/ what's recommended by IT teachers see Net Spy Pro screenshot and download at –

UserMonitor/ doesn't look like it's been updated in a while Download UserMonitor - supervise student screens in classroom computer lab –

Save $1200: only $3999 for a Site License

Very pricey! Classroom Mgmt Bundle –

The most complete classroom teaching, student supervision and student print Tracking software available!.

Bad typo on site...but they hit a lot of buttons with this one...

Pricing? MasterEye –

freeware / shareware versions? Schoolzone evaluation of MasterEye –

"MasterEye" did what it was asked to - and, mercifully, was especially efficient in blanking out machines of off-task students!

The review is glowing Schoolzone evaluation of MasterEye –

What's new in version 4.0?

The new version of the multi-award winning NetOp School solution now boasts an extensive integrated Test Center facility which provides teachers with an effective tool for producing and administering tests and surveys.

I haven't been at all happy with this product so far... no response on any of my emails... was I contacting the wrong people? NetOp School - What's new in version 4.0? –

Pricing request form

Please complete the short form to receive your free, no obligation quotation for any of our products or services.

nearly 1000US$! Xact Software - Pricing request form – Don't even think about teaching to a younger class without being able to take control of everyone's machines.