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HELLO WORLD!!! I am a 21 year old female by the name of Davina. I'm in my third year at Old Dominion University, and it has been the best experience of my life so far. I work as a full time customer service representative at ASI which is a company for General Electric appliances. You've never experienced a great job until you get cursed out by a customer, but it's all worth it for the pay I receive $$$$!!! I'm very outgoing and I LOVE to sing, shop, go to church, and go out with my friends whenever I get the opportunity. As you can tell, my favorite color is purple!! Just like our buddy Pete, I also like to go fishing (mostly crabbing), but not for money because I would definitely lose! My family consists of 3 sisters, 2 brothers, 3 nieces (2 at the top...MY TWIN SUPERSTARS!!), 2 nephews, mom, dad, and a host of others. If you ever want the best mac-n-cheese in the world, you have to come to my sister's house on thanksgiving! It's delicious! Well enough about me, let's get to the important stuff. By the way....GO DALLAS COWBOYS!!!!

Personal philosophy of education is a topic that will vary amongst teachers because everyone has their own perspectives of how things should go. As for myself, I believe a great teacher, for one, has to be well educated because no one can teach if they haven't been taught. Second, great teachers must know how to maintain a positive attitude and stay focused so that the student may see what a great example the teacher is setting. At moments, teachers don't realize what impact they cause on their students. Some students may look up to their teachers as role models, and may on day want to grow up and be a teacher themselves. These things have to be seriously taken into consideration.

People also argue about how teachers are suppose to teach. There shouldn't even be a correct or incorrect way as long as it isn't hurting the student in any type of way. Some teachers stick straight to the rules, some bend them, and some just break them. Teachers have their own way of teaching students. There may be some students, as I know all teachers have, who are very difficult to deal with and the teacher may have a different teaching technique that may assist with that student's behavior. It basically depends on the teacher and how they choose to deal with the issue. Also, I feel that all children should receive the same teaching environment regardless of their location. Some children in inner city schools may feel that they aren't treated the same as children in other schools that may have better books, computers, desks, and other materials. This is how it was for myself in elementary and middle school because the schools didn't have enough funding to give the students the new materials, but what made it a great experience was the teachers. They made me feel comfortable regardless of my environment. I strive to be one of these loving teachers who makes every child's learning experience a memorable one. Those teachers deserve an apple everyday!!!