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I'm Daniel Janzon, 22. I recently started writing Intelligence Intensification, perhaps the most important subject for humanity.

My interests are, among other things,

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Computer programming
  4. Surviving, especially the reactions in my organism when luxory is not present
  5. Karate, am training at the local club
  6. Pistol shooting, currently no training, but I find the subject extremely interesting
  7. Walking, at least one hour of walking a day
  8. Looking at art, everything that is new, love modern art
  9. Music
  10. Dreams, being aware in them
  11. Politics, believe most things in society is handled in the wrong way
  12. Literature, love Dostoyevsky, Douglas Adams, and many others
  13. Short finite projects, like learning to juggle, learning to walk on the hands, etc