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About Me[edit]


Hey, I’m Cindy. I’m 22 and I was born and raised here in Virginia Beach. I have not been much of anywhere except a few places like Michigan, Florida, and the Carolina’s. But once I graduate, that will hopefully change. I have my Associate of Science Degree from TCC. This is my second semester at ODU and I am currently working toward my Master’s in Elementary Education. My focus is PreK-6. Just while I am in school, I work at the US Attorney’s Office in Norfolk. Before that it was Eckerd Pharmacy for four years. I am really looking forward to starting my observation and getting in there with the kids. It has been something I wanted to do since I was little. When I was in middle school, I always babysat my neighbors and I would make them play school with me just so I could teach them something. I was always playing school, and it turns out I taught my neighbor cursive when she was just in the third grade. haha (So I found out they actually teach kids cursive in like second and third grade now, so I guess that was not so significant.)

Philosophy of Education[edit]

My educational philosophies are pretty simple when I think about what makes a good teacher. It is kind of what makes a good mom or what makes a good boss. I believe a good educator should have a lot of hands on in the classroom. The teacher needs to be real involved with the children, not just sit back and read from the text book or give out worksheets and send them on their way. Most children are visual learners and need activities and visual aids to mentally understand things. Children are different in their own way and it is the teacher’s job to accommodate each and every student’s need. I’ve learned to love people for who they are and that is what makes me so excited about teaching is meeting all those kids and seeing each of their own little personalities develop into something amazing.

Other Interesting Facts![edit]

I enjoy listening to metal/rock and playing pool in my spare time. I love going to shows and watching local bands play. I have a long-haired dachshund named Charlie Brown. He's a fatty, but he's my best friend. : ) I love all animals. I have been dating this really great guy Mike for about five years. He is my inspiration! I try to live by one philosophy: Life's too short, have no regrets, and just try to have fun!

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