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My  name is Chris True and I am originally from Poquoson, Virginia. 

I was born and raised having attended school there for my entire tenure through school. After graduating high school, I began my career at ODU. Through the years at school, I have had to overcome many hardships. One of those being the diagnosis of cancer in my younger brother. A dan, who is only 3 years old, was diagnosed with testicular cancer was cleared and a year later almost to the day diagnosed with another

tumor. He retrieved countless treatments and his now well on the way 

to recovery and living a full blessed life. He is my true inspiration in everything that I do in my everyday life. As a side note I will be adding pictures as soon as I can get my dads camera.

My philosophy of teaching is simple. Everyone learns. This is 

simplistic in itself but its very true. Students get written off because they goof off or aren't directed in the right direction in their thought process. Everyone has the capacity to learn and given the right direction and effort by an educator they can achieve any goal that's out there and stands possible for

them to achieve. My subject area of interest is history. My 

area is not the most popular seeing as many don't see the past as pertinent. As the educator it is my job to make sure each and every student comes away with some kind of understanding that the past is very much alive.