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Fall semester, sophomore year 065.JPG

About Me[edit]

Hi, everyone! My name is Courtney Townsend and I am currently a sophomore at Old Dominion University. I was born and raised in Hampton, Virginia and I love being so close to the water. I love going to the beach and I wish it could be summer all year long. Music is a great interest of mine so I like going to concerts as much as I can (but it also depends on the amount of money I have in my bank account). My family and friends are amazing and I am so lucky to have each and every one of them. I came to ODU specifically because of their education program and I am so exciting to be getting into my major courses concerning teaching. I am studying to become an elementary school teacher and I want to be able to teach kindergarten because I love children.

My Philosophy of Education[edit]

One of the biggest things that drove me to want to be a teacher was the inspiration I received from my former teachers. They encouraged me and supported me through my entire education and I would like to do the same for someone else. I believe that learning is one of the best things about life so I cannot wait to help a child through their journey of learning. Many children do not have the proper care at home so they don't receive the extra help they need to reinforce what they've learned. Parents don't always take the time to make sure their child is not falling behind in school and teachers are left to be the ones who help a child catch up. Teachers are sometimes the only person a child has to help them with their studies and I want to be that role for students. When children are young, they are so innocent and still have the desire or curiosity to learn about the world. I can't wait to open a child's eyes to so many new and exciting things.