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Caroline Sympson
Caroline Sympson

About the Author

Hi, my name is Caroline Sympson. I am currently a freshman at Old Dominion University, and am really enjoying the experience. I am working towards a Masters in Elementary Education for PK-6 and am planning to also major in either Art Education or Technology Education. I have lived in Virginia for a majority of my life, but I have also received the chance to live in Europe for four years. Living in Europe was an amazing experience and I am really blessed. My family is very supportive and provides me with thousands of opportunities.

Current Philosophy on Education

I believe that being an Elementary school teacher would provide me with some wonderful experiences. Although I understand that there are children that come from many different backgrounds, I look forward to working with such diversity. As a teacher, I hope to provide my prospective students with some of my personal experiences and to inspire in them some of the dreams that my teachers have inspired in me. I look forward to the days when my students will teach me as much as I am teaching them.