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Welcome to the sandbox for Approaches to Knowledge seminar group 11, which meets on Fridays at 11am - 12 noon.

Below are links to pages on the issues that we will be covering in the first half of term. The sandboxes at the end of these links are where you can work on your content:

Disciplinary categories





Imperialism and Gender: Nora, Alessia, Rebecca, Megan

Truth in history (WW2 in Japanese and Chinese history text books): Rosalind, Jae, Sajjan

Truth in Memory: Tingjiun, Malina, Lola

Malina (just as a suggestion, I thought about writing on the accuracy of memory, the basis of testimonies, from a psychological point of view, touching points like the "Mandela effect" or "false memory" )

Great suggestion Malina (this is Clare writing here) - and it can be compared with legal definitions of testimony etc. Any takers for this idea? The groups have to be 3-4 people. I'd be interested into looking into the subject of Truth in Memory if it helps - Georgie. Here's quite an interesting research article about "post-truth" and Involuntary Opinion Confirmation which might be what you were thinking of.

Truth and Art - Amber, Heather,Georgie,