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A little bit about me[edit]

I am a first semester student at ODU. I am a distance learner, based out of the New River Community College campus.

I am studying for my teaching certificate with the goal to be in working in a kindergarten classroom by Fall 2010. I am switching careers after many years managing large IT projects for large corporations in large metropolitan areas. We bought a 100 year old farmhouse last year, in Floyd County, in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains and my husband and I are enjoying the the sunsets from the porch swing. I have wanted to teach for as long as I can remember and for various reasons, the dream hasn't been realized until now.

     Our Farm - 10 acres of heaven on earth just 10 miles west of the Blue Ridge Parkway

I am currently working as an instructional aide for a 5th grade student. The experience I am getting in the elementary classroom is as valuable as the classroom instruction I am getting thru ODU. I am able to apply some of the concepts from my ODU coursework in the classroom and take some of my classroom experience and use it in my ODU class projects.

Philosophy on Education[edit]

in two sentences....

All children are gifted. Teachers just help them discover their gifts.

Teachers teach, motivate, redirect, challenge and comfort. I believe teachers are human and have good days and bad days and the students learn from seeing how we handle our bad days as well as our good.

Teaching is a passion and a gift. For me - the passion is there. I'm hoping that I have the gift as well.