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This is the hub page of the clean-up task force for Writing_Adolescent_Fiction/Character_names, the character name appendix at Writing Adolescent Fiction.

What we do:

  1. Revert obvious vandalism (someone adding Sfvekofejotfjt to the page, someone adding a message that Wikibooks is not to be trusted as a source of information, someone telling our readers to look elsewhere for character names)
  2. Properly alphabetize names that were added in the wrong place in alphabetical order
  3. Move names at Writing_Adolescent_Fiction/Character_names/Girls and Writing_Adolescent_Fiction/Character_names/Boys that were placed into the wrong tier
  4. Remove duplicate names (names of the same gender added to the same list in different places, or multiple times in a row)
  5. Move names that were placed in the wrong gender or ethnicity
  6. Revert unexplained removal of names that are on the proper list (hard to tell if it's vandalism or just someone who thinks their own first name and surname are private property and doesn't want them being used by writers)
  7. Revert additions to the most popular name lists at Writing_Adolescent_Fiction/Character_names/Popular_names_in_the_U.S._in_different_years. Except for "Other popular girls'/boys' names from 1850", "Hippie names" and such lists, all the lists that page should include the 100 most popular names in that time period for that gender, in declining order. If it's not alphabetical, fon't add to it, unless you have a better source, or want to extend a list to the top 150 or top 200 names.
  8. Move or revert names in the surname lists that were added in the wrong section. In many of these lists, the names are dviided into frequency tiers, such as "Top 20", "21-200", and "Other". If someone adds a new surname to Writing_Adolescent_Fiction/Character_names/German#Surnames, for instance, it shouldn't be in the 21-200 section; it should fo under "Other". A name that is already in the Top 20 section should not be added under "Other".


  1. Cilantrohead
  2. Khemehekis
  3. Sanezedope