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Chris Anderson created the Wiki Science wikibook so that together we might discuss some of the forces at work in the development of wikis, and in particular seeing what makes a healthy wiki.

My major (wiki) interest at the moment is the Embodiment Wiki, so I hope that you will go there and check it out.

You can also see my website: Ironfire - although this is only the work of one human being (how old fashioned), so it is obviously not as interesting.

Major Interests:


Hi Chris!

 I work on Wiki a lot, and am interested in talking with you.
 I share the vision of wiki for practically *everything,*
 with highly organized systems connecting them.
 I'm working aggressively towards manifesting this vision.
 You seem similarly motivated, and I'd like to connect with you.
 You can see my friends and I working on:
 You might be particularly interested in plog.
 (...though there are many other projects we do, as well.)
 -- LionKimbro

I am also a big fan of Wikis. I'm trying to get a couple started at work, which is requiring me to learn about how they are hosted. It seems a shame not to share what I learn, but I'm actually having trouble figuring out where at wikibooks or wikipedia it would best reside. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks, Rs2 17:39, 22 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Clearly, the answer is... on the Wiki Science wiki!