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Hi! My name is Caroline Foglia, and I am a sophomore English major with an Education minor. I have lived in Norfolk my entire life, and I hope to teach in this city when I finish school. I love to read and write, (I know, shocking coming from an English major). Although I enjoy a lazy day with a good book and my dogs, I'm no hermit. To me, a best day spent is one at the beach, soaking up rays and spending time with my friends and family. All in all, I'm just a laid-back beach-blonde who you can almost always count on for a good book recommendation, a laugh, and a smile.

I would have to say one of my strongest educational philosophies is that learning is an active process for both the student and the teacher. Both educator and student benefit from the experience of education- As education should be 'experienced and secular. As an English teacher, I hope to instill a sense of caring for good reading and writing skills in my students, which I believe has been diminished in today's technological, media-driven society. And as a teacher in general, I honestly strive to inspire. Whether I inspire a student to read a book, to apply to college, or to simply see the potential and learning power in themselves that I will see in all of my students, their inspiration to be a better individual through their own education is the key to my success as a teacher.