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Cdavi065 (talk) 21:34, 15 January 2009 (UTC)


Hi everyone! My name is Casey Davis and this is my 4th year at Old Dominion Univeristy. I have another year to go before I graduate because I switched majors just last year. I am majoring in IDS:TP focusing on K-3. I'm from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, which is a very country, but nice area. I love the summer and warm weather, figures since I'm a born summer baby :) I worked at the Child Study Center at Old Domionion University for a year in a half and loved the interaction and experience I recieved there.

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I have a positive personal philosophy on education. I believe that we as teachers should focus more on positive discipline than negative. Reinforcing good decisions made by children only helps them make more of those decisions. I also believe that when a child makes a bad, or wrong, decision the punishment should not be in a negative aspect. It should be one that focuses on helping the child to make the right, or good, decision and understanding why the other decision was not good. A great teacher to me, is one that can introduce new and exciting ways of learning. Using different methods and concepts of teaching is helpful in a sense that all children do not learn the same way. Of course a good teacher must have patience. The drive to help others become a success is what keeps me motivated. I believe all children should have the opportunity to learn and become the best person they can be." (Peterson, 1236).