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Hi! My name is Courtney. I was born and raised in Chesapeake, VA. I am a 21, a senior, and I recently just changed my major over from nursing to education and I am very happy with my decision. I am fortunate enough to live down at ODU in a off campus apartment which makes it nice not having to drive to school. Some of my favorite things are the beach, mexican food, shopping, DALLAS COWBOYS FOOTBALL, cookouts, my pool, snowboarding, reading books for fun (not school books), taking pictures, babysitting, vacations, going out occasionally, and working out. I would really like to teach 1st grade and stay in the Chesapeake area after finishing school.

I would have to say that my philosophy on teaching is that teachers aren't made they are born. Compassion, patience, and moativation are key things that make a great teacher. I feel that you have to be very confident as a teacher because the students need to feel they can believe and trust what you say no matter what. Teachers should be able to connect and make an impact in their student's life. A teacher who isn't remembered by a student isn't one who has made a positive impact.