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Camillegweston144 (discusscontribs)

I am a web editor here on Wikibooks. I love to learn new things, research and write. That being said, this very well may be the most awesome opportunity on the web for a nerd like me.

On a personal note:

  • I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and have been acclimated to living an Adventist lifestyle for all of my life (43 years!). My mother was a RN and medical missionary at Adventist health retreats during my early childhood years. It was as a result of these humble beginnings that I learned to cook wholesome, delicious vegan foods. I am happy to share them with anyone who is looking to live a healthy lifestyle that is economical and promotes well-being.

  • When cooking, I can include seasonings and flavorings that are indicative of my Afro-Caribbean descent, although I am an American by birth. Keep this in mind and season to taste.

  • I have graduated with an associate degree in creative writing. I am excited by the study of the Bible and enjoy theological research and writing articles about theology.

  • In addition to the genres specified, I also like writing about subject matters that can improve the quality of lives in a variety of ways.

As a single mother of 2 adult daughters, I love to teach and give advice; yet I am humble enough to learn as well. - Camille G. Weston

I am learning French and have recently made my 1st Wikipedia edit in French to an article on Christian Theology - [Théologie chrétienne]. Oui, notre Dieu est awesome! :)

Try my favorite Gluten Veggie Meat Recipe, a recently published article on Wikibooks.

Camille G. Weston

"The strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and lovable Christian." - Ellen G White, The Ministry of Healing, p. 470

"Not all the wisdom and skill of man can produce life in the smallest object in nature." - Ellen G. White, Steps to Christ

Welcome, visitors! If you are interested in perusing content that I have contributed to Wikimedia, simply click through "User Contributions" on the left panel, on the next page click on the link "diff" beside each contribution.