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Brittany White
This is a picture of me in Arizona for my father's Wedding

About Me

Hey everyone, My name is Brittany White, and I am a sophmore at Old Dominion University. I'm majoring in PreK-6, and minoring in History. I graduated from Great Bridge in 2007. In my spare time, I love to be outdoors and active. I enjoy playing soccer, snowboarding, fishing, and of course, going to the beach. I also work at a Head Boat fishing and Dolphin Watching place down at Rudee Inlet, and I LOVE it. I just recently got a puppy,Marley, and she is a Malti-poo. She's absolutely adorable!

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that an education environment should be bright, positive, and encouraging. I believe in the idea of positive discipline, and that every child is an equal and deserves the educators equal attention. I feel students will learn more effectively through visual models and representations, as opposed to worksheets.

I chose to teach for many reasons. I want to be able to change the way children view the idea of school. I want my classroom to be fun, welcoming and positive, while being able to teach in an effective manner.

The Girls I Work With!
My puppy, Marley