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I'm a Ph.D. student at GSU studying Computer Science. I spent two years working as a Software Engineer -- actually a Research Scientists by title, but functionally a software engineer.

I'm new to wiki-ing also.

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GUI Programming[edit]

In my capacity as a Ph.D. student, I sometimes teach courses. Last fall (2013) I was teaching a course on Windowed Systems Programming; suffice to say I didn't like our existing textbook. As students need a reference, I had the clever idea of just making a wikibook to track what we do in class. There are already a number of "Learn GUI Programming with X" guides, for any language X. I'd like to tackle something a little more general, aiming at modern practices that span specific toolkits.

That's a little tricky though, because I basically discovered that the overlap between modern toolkits isn't perfect, and to do anything useful you have to get down in the weeds - and different toolkits have different copses of weeds at different places. I may finish this wikibook or I may come back and do one for a specific toolkit.


  • Basic concepts of event-driven programming
  • Overview of toolkits
  • Common Widgets
  • Common Layouts
  • Basic Design Principles
  • Long-Running Jobs


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