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I am Biorobot my signature: Eugene Xozayenko

Destiny is symbioses psychology and numerology.

On 12 April 1961, after successful launching Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin for somebody begin solar history. Siberia and Canada is post-industrial countries where life heating in difference from Russia, Europe and America is land; Africa, Central Asia is water. Opulent water recourses Siberia can transport for Central Asia chains chord tunnels 100-300 km what itself idea subject of sale. Ventilation winter frost Siberian air can make from tunnel ice trunk of cannon Jules Verne after fitting there magnetic train. Big intellectual properties are decades remain without surname. Virgin solar life spaces from tunnels.

High development transport communication and common orientation Russian peoples on the leaders but not on the system of laws just from 16 century have made paradise of corruption. "Iron curtain" USSR 60-80, police organized equality wages, social approval good workers- education, medicine, media, police, tax, treasury, management, research hierarchy organization lose only in competition. Exchange economic honorary degree on stock share can let organize big scale and hi-tech incorporations instead politic totality. Capitalisms is organized commonwealth show absurd some chic interests any oligarchs, however idea dilemma which itself is capital intellectual property.

Abstract ideas technological sciences contrast with fundamentals like collective and genius. Unconditionally people help kith and kin consanguineous near 5-7 generations. Two groups of lucks own incomes from property abstract ideas elementary moral and gist any legacy. It is not hard write instructions system of roles for achieve target and this will not like posterity but robots of logic without feelings on the way of future which nobody know.

We are all traditional in sex for reproduction otherwise can’t be.

In sex for pleasure by mathematic theory probability add variants 2x2=4: +3)lesbian, +4)gay, which disclose body sphincter. Next variants 4x4=16 are more intimate to real life. Other 16x16=256 hard for perception however number can not more some milliards because preference become individual.

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