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Brooke Flood[edit]

Hello everyone! My name is Brooke Flood. I am currently a sophomore at Old Dominion University. I relocated here from Martinsville, Virginia. I am a very long way from home, but I am surviving. I am looking to pursue a career as a teacher and hope to effectively teach the children for tomorrow. I enjoy being around kids and love to show them new things.

My Philosophy of Education:

My philosophy of education is very simple. There are only two very important groups of children that I feel are not acknowledged. They are children with special needs and low-income students. Students with special needs should be treated with special treatment. They have learning disabilities, therefore, why not give them a little bit more extra attention and funds. This will give them one on one teaching and allow them to learn better.

Teaching is the most "left-out" career. We always forget about our elementary education. When it comes to funds for new schools or better technology, the government leaves teaching out. Low-income areas are not provided with the best schools or the best classrooms. Also, are not provided with the best learning equipment. Why?