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My name is Beverly Bryan, and as a sophomore at ODU I am majoring in Spanish Education. I am a vaBEACH native who's lived in the same house my entire life, but travelled extensively all over the world.

ProfilepicCliffs.jpg Family road trip/camping trips have taken me across the United States from the East to West Coast, up into Canada,from Vancouver to Quebec, and most places in between. Church missions trips have taken me from Costa Rica and Mexico to Ireland, and pure adventure has sent me escapading around Europe. I have visited Ireland multiple times to visit friends and family (my brother met his wife there) and this past year I travelled to Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, Italy, and the Czech Republic.


When I'm not busy with school, I love going snowboarding and surfing. ProfilepicSurf.jpg

I also enjoy rock climbing, playing volleyball, swing dancing, and playing the guitar. Currently I am very involved on campus with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, where I serve on the worship team. As a Christian, my relationship with Jesus Christ is what ultimately defines who I am. I have been so blessed to have grown up in a family that encouraged me to love and know more who my God is. My teaching philosophy is that as teachers, we have the responsibility to, in a sense, protect learning, and save it from a horrible death from mundane passivity. From experience, the teachers who have been the most energetic and interested in the subject they were teaching were by far the most effective. Learning is a natural, God-given right, and teaching is a privilege.