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Atiq Ur Rehman is Pakistani born Software Engineer. Atiq Ur Rehman Started his career from Softlines Technologies as a .NET Developer. Atiq Ur Rehman is passionate about Good Design, Usability, Clean & Reusable Code. Atiq Ur Rehman is very active in the Open-Source Community, often sharing his code and his ideas with other developers. Atiq Ur Rehman believes it is his duty to give back to the development community in any way that he can. In his free time, Atiq Ur Rehman enjoy reading Novels, drawing, making animations and reading about Latest Technologies Trends and Project Management. Atiq Ur Rehman also loves spending time with friends and office Colleagues. Currently Atiq Ur Rehman, is Software Engineer by Profession at Systems Limited Lahore,Pakistan. Atiq Ur Rehman, is basically a Front End Developer | Graphical User Interface Developer | User Experience Developer.