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23 year old university student in Las Vegas.

Current Major: Senior Computer Engineering with minor in Computer Science and Mathematics

Areas of Concentration: CAD tool usage, Circuit Design, Microprocessor Design, Embedded Systems, Programmable Logic, VLSI, Reconfigurable Computing and Algorithm Analysis

Interests and Hobbies: R/C aircraft, tabletop strategic warfare, Computer Building, Programming, Engineering, Astronomy & Rocketry, mythTV and PVRs, Linux & BSD, Robotics and Amateur Radio.

Current Work: Finishing degree and senior design project(currently on pcb design for test circuit).

Books Contributed to[edit]

Digital Circuits

Programmable Logic

A+ Certification

Books Thinking of Proposing[edit]

VLSI Chip Design

Analog IC Design - This is one I dont know much about, but the tools are the same as VLSI