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Ankita Sinha, on the Navami night of Dussehra in 2012
  • AnkitaS (Ankita Sinha) is a student of Civil engineering at Aliah University, Salt Lake, Kolkata,.
  • She is from Kolkata, and stays there with her family.
  • Her interests include photography, cooking, novels, dancing and listening to music. And she dislikes persons who are two-faced, inconsistent and disloyal!
A windy morning, Kolkata
Keep smiling..!
  • She also represented Kolkata at the Bal Shree Camp in 2001, at Youth Hostel, Puri, in the field of Creative Writing.
  • She remained a Tiger reporter of The Telegraph in Schools, till Class XII, thus interviewing peoples and compiling reports for the The Telegraph in Schools news.
  • Being fond of extra-curricular activies, she also loves sports, and won prizes in it during her 1st year of college. At the mere age of 17, she became Miss Beautiful Skin in a beauty contest, co-organized by Sananda and Vaseline. She also won Sapno ki Rajkumari title in Ponds beauty contest following it.
  • She is quite attached to her pet pigeon Snowy. He keeps her on her toes, and she loves to keep running after him day and night.
Ankita with her pet
  • She has recently started editing and contributing to English and Hindi Wikimedia.

Early life[edit]

  • She was born to Rita Sinha (An Arts honours graduate from MDDM, Muzaffarpur, Bihar) and Manoj Kumar Sinha (Head Assistant at Urban Development Department, Government of West Bengal), on 8th September, 1992 in Kolkata. She did her early schooling from Central Modern School.
  • She started dancing at an early age of 6, and learnt Rabindra Nritya, then completed Kathaka.