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                                       Andrew C. Wall

Many of my friends call me AC, it's somewhat of a high school nickname I picked up. Ask some different friends of mine what they think about me and the responses are very different. I am very emotional, in the manly way of course. I tend to be passionate about a few things at a time and I care very much about those items. For instance, I was a member of Old Dominion's Swim team my freshman year. I began competitive swimming for the first time in my junior year of high school. My latest passion you could say is bowling; I began taking it seriously January 2008 and before the end of the year I had bowled a perfect 300 game. I am extremely competitive by nature, so blame my parents! I mix passion and perfection in activities I love and want to do. It is my strength AND downfall sometimes, however. I live by this motto," Average is just as close to the bottom as it is to the top". I care very passionately about my major, History, I could go on and on about ancient events that can bore others to death. But I enjoy wanting to understand why historical characters did what they did for good or bad reasons... I enjoy putting myself in other people's shoes.

                                   Teaching Philosophies

I am a Water Safety Instructor, aka Swim Instructor, the philosophies of teaching I do have were derived from here. Younger people are smarter than what many older people think. They can and will sense a weakness or awkwardness in your teaching method. Trust is very important in my line of teaching, you can drown if your not careful! Many times a swimmer must trust me and theirselves in order to complete a task. It is very important to not lose control of your class. If you lose control and discipline of your class, your students will not listen or learn from you. Think of an author that publishes a hit best seller and then it was plagerized; that author is instantly not respected. Command your class with repect and equity.

"Those who have power are feared, Those who are loved are just, Those who are respected are both."

My personal opinion is the global society is bias towards being extroverted. That is, people that tend to be more extroverted succeed in society more often then introverted people. Extroverts command better than Introverts. It is just the way it is in my opinion!

I understand that as a teacher, your goal is to get your students exposed to differences in society. Humans are herd animals by nature. We work better together as a team. A teacher may have more influence on a student than his/her friends or parents. We are looked up to as an example of how to carry ourselves. We ARE the role models for these students, and we influence students behavior and ideas for their entire lives. So with all that pressure... I know what we do is important, and I want that influence on young people's lives, because I believe that I can better the world by sharing my experiences, ideas, and knowledge.