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My name is Allyson and I was born and raised in East Tennessee. I moved to Norfolk to go to school. After changing my major at least five times I finally settled on a double major in International Studies and Spanish. I love to travel, so I studied abroad last spring in Spain and had the time of my life. After graduating with my undergrad, I hope to do a lot more traveling and maybe even teach abroad. Teaching has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I started college wanting to be a teacher, changed majors and then at the end decided I did want to be a teacher after all.

Looking back on my educational experience as a child, I really remember those teachers who I learned the most from. At the time I might not have liked their classes but as an adult I really appreciate them. Therefore I base my philosophy of education around the teachers that really impacted my life. I think that the classroom should a challenging learning environment, with exciting educational activities. As a teacher I should strive to help every student in the class learn, despite the different levels that they learn. Every teacher should encourage each student in life and learning.