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Author Page!


This is my car and I. My car's name is "Smartzer" (look at my last name).

Come talk to me, on my talk page!

Aartz001 (talk) 14:44, 15 January 2009 (UTC)

Current College

My name is Amanda Artzer, and this is my second year at Old Dominion University. My focus is on teaching secondary education in History. I am a commuter to the university, and live in Virginia Beach. I would prefer to be living up north, but for now I am here.

About Me

My interests include reading, crafts, and all of my pets. The last pet I have obtained is a cat from Animal Control named "Ember." I hate to drive, but love my Smart Car. Unlike most people, I prefer the fall and winter months.


Here is a self portrait of one of my birds and I. She is a DNA female Rose Breasted cockatoo named "Muffin." She will be turning two this Summer. She is kind of small for her kind, because she was an incubator baby. These birds are native to Australia, and are shot there because they are considered pests.

My Education Philosophy

•I think classrooms should be full of diversity, and everyone should be encouraged to participate.

•My classroom will be a mix of lecture and activities and homework that reinforces what I have taught.

•I want students in my classroom to do activities, and not feel so formal. My major priority is to teach, not to test. They should not dread my class, but look forward to going to it. I will encourage proper English in the classroom, and expect it on assignments.

•Since students connect so much with technology, I plan to incorporate it into the classroom. I plan to do assignments on the computer, and will encourage projects that use technology. Perhaps instead of a presentation, my students will make a pod cast.

•For any papers I assign, I would like to have peer reviews. Students are often the best at assessing other students, and helping them do their best. I believe in giving quizzes, and having test reviews.

•I will of course teach the SOLs, but will make sure my students are actually learning. I want them to understand the material, not just remember it and then forget it.