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Software to download[edit]

  • Papilio software This takes the bit stream file created by ISE Web Pack and sends it into the Papilio one.
  • Digilent software Also takes the bit stream file created by the ISE Web Pack and sends it instead into the Nexys2.
  • 7zip utility to unpack tar files on windows machine.
  • Xlinix's ISE Web Pack This is where the VHDL program is tested and turned into a bit stream file.

Getting Started with the Papilio One 250K[edit]

  • Install the Papilio Programmer video
  • Hook up the Papilio to the computer USB and watch device driver load video
  • Inspect the Papilio One and LogicStart MegaWing hardware video

At this point the Papilio getting started guide fails. It appears written before the LogicStart MegaWing was created and only some of the advertised features of the software work.

  • Papilio Programmer Software that doesn't work as advertised: video ... next step is to try this with Linux
  • Right mouse clicking on the *.BIT file appears to work: video
  • Even numbered LED's are blinking as advertised, switches are not: video papilio pins LogicStart Megashield Pins .. click on the LogicStart features to see the pins
  • Using Putty to receive ascii from the Papilio: video success!!

Getting Started with the Digilent Nexys2 500K[edit]

  • Install Digilent Adept Software, Hook up the Nexys2, Turn it on, See the board in the Adept Software video

Installing the Xilinx Software[edit]

  • The Xilinx software comes in either four parts or 2 parts. The files are huge. Count on an hour to download on a high speed connection.
  • The files come in tar format so another program such as 7zip has to be installed to unpack them.
  • Took 12 minutes to unpack tar files, 45 minutes to install and 15 minutes to get through the licensing
  • Here is an 8 minute video of the process.
  • Here is a video that says look for a license file in the echo5 directory.