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Let's get a few terms out of the way and define them:

programme : a file which can be executed, serves a specific purpose
suite : a set of programmes which work in conjunction to perform a set of tasks
product : the result of one's programming, can be a singular programme, a suite or entire operating system
source code : the entire collection of the programming put into a product
open source : used to describe any software where you can obtain the source code
freeware : a programme which can be obtained free of charge
Open Source : a label for anything approved by the OSI
Free Software : a label for anything approved by the FSF

When someone says the word "open", what do you immediately think of? Do you think of something that is ajar? Of something which is obvious? Where anyone can see it? Unobstructed? Or maybe something that is available for immediate usage? When you're in the programming world those possibilities come close but fall short of what open means. And what of the word "free"? Do you think of something that you don't need to pay for? Or do you think something that is unrestricted? Once again, it's a little more complicated in the world of programmers.

To the layman Open Source and Free Software are the same thing; however, these two groups hold tense and sometimes hostile relations with one another. These programming sects believe in particular freedoms and work towards the betterment of these goals through the development of their software.

People often like to think of this intellectual property in the same way they would physical property. If the various open source models are looked at in this manner then the public domain is public property and no one can deny access to that code for any reason or use. GPL code is private property that is granted to the public under the condition that all released works generated from it remains in the same position. BSD is property anyone can use for any reason or use on the condition that they maintain due credit.

End this chapter with something along the lines of, "much like with a rented car, you've using licensed code or software, you've got responsibilities you must uphold." Which then leads into the next chapter.