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  • Discuss the starting of the BSD Unix variant.
  • Discuss the startings of NetBSD and FreeBSD.
  • Mention the starting of BSDi, but let the details be in the following chapter.
  • Discuss where NetBSD and FreeBSD have gone since their founding
  • Discuss the forking of NetBSD into OpenBSD and touch upon the conflict that caused it.
  • Discuss the direction OpenBSD went in and why. Theo's Sun work and his license stance.
  • Discuss 4.3BSD-Quasijarus, which is lead by Michael Sokolov. A strong supporter of VAX and the original BSD.
  • Discuss the conflict that caused the forking of FreeBSD into DragonFlyBSD. The reasons for Matt Dillion's departure from FreeBSD and his history in Amiga and Linux work.
  • Discuss the various dead BSD varients; why they started and why they died.
  • Talk a little about Wasabi and Windriver.

Michael Sokolov is a hardcore backer of the VAX computer system as well as of the original ideals and code of the Berkeley Software Distribution, so in on December 27th, 1998 he began Quasijarus. Taking the code from the 4.3-Tahoe release of BSD UNIX Michael began to maintain and improve the 1988 code base for personal usage. As Michael believes in the ideal of a One True Unix, he completely avoids any and all GNU or GNU-like solutions within Quasijarus. Though the codebase is based on the Tahoe release of BSD, no work is done on the Tahoe specific code, VAX is the only architecture supported.