Urdu/Vocabulary/Days of the Week

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Days of Week (Hafte ke Din ہفتے کے دن )[edit]

Din Day In Urdu Script
Sumwar Monday سوموار
Mangal Tuesday منگل
Budh Wednesday بدھ
Jumeraat Thursday جمعرات
jumah Friday جمعه
Haftah Saturday ہفتہ
Itwaar Sunday اتوار

English Urdu Script Transliteration
Today آج āj
Yesterday/Tomorrow (depends on context/tense) کل kal
Day after tomorrow پرسوں parson
Day after day after tomorrow, the third day past today ترسوں tarson
Week ہفتہ hafta
This week اس ہفتے is hafteh
Month مہینہ mahīnah
Year سال sāl