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University of Alberta Guide

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This is a survival guide for the STAT 222 course that all University of Alberta Computing Science students are required to take prior to completion of their degree. This guide is designed to help anyone who is completely lost in STAT 222. I started writing this guide because I am currently taking STAT 222 and I have no clue what the hell is going on. So my goal here is to pass on any knowledge that I can in terms or words that should make sense rather than a bunch of STAT 222 jargon. I only plan on filling in what I research, which is usually what I don't already know. Hopefully, as I work on this guide, others will help out by adding more and more knowledge. Eventually, this survival guide may turn into a replacement for the real text book.

If you see anything here that is incorrect, poorly stated, or for that matter, if you know something important that isn't mentioned, please by all means add your knowledge/correction to this wikibook. This wikibook should be built on the knowledge of many students working together. So please contribute what you can and help make STAT 222 a survivable course.

  1. Introduction
    1. Notation
  2. Formulas and Functions
    1. General Formulas
    2. Cumulative Distribution Functions
    3. Probability Density Functions
    4. Hazard Functions
    5. Moment Generating Functions
  3. Random Variable Distributions
    1. Uniform Distribution
    2. Exponential Distribution
    3. Gamma Distribution
    4. Weibull Distribution
    5. Normal Distribution
    6. Poisson Distribution
  4. Reliability and Continuous Random Variables
    1. Uniform Random Variables
    2. Independence and Conditional Expectations
    3. Exponential Distributions
    4. Combining Continuous Random Variables
    5. Gamma Random Variables
    6. Weibull Distributions
    7. Reliability and Hazard Rate
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Uncategorized
    2. Downloadable Resources