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This page contains conventions for a local manual of style to be used in this book.

  • Use the top-down approach exclusively in explaining C++.
  • Use common terms from the C++ standard, when appropriate.
  • Use relative links of the form [[/Page/]] for pages of the book.
  • Use bold face for the first instance of a word being defined.
  • Knowledge and experience of the operating environment that C++ is being used under is assumed.
  • Keep explanations simple and interesting. Avoid undue complexity and lengthy explanations.
  • Avoid referring to or linking to, other books or resources, except in the Glossary and Further Reading pages.
  • Fair use images must not be used in this book.
  • Add [[Category:{{BASEPAGENAME}}|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]] to the bottom of every page.
  • Do not add any other categories to pages, except the main page.