Umbraco/Samples and Articles/Creating Newsletters

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IMPORTANT - The UltraSimpleMailer is *not* compatible with Umbraco 4 and DOESN'T WORK[edit]

  1. Create a membergroup named "Newsletter" - members in this group will receive the newsletter
  2. Create a new DataType in developer (call it "Newsletter")
  3. Choose Ntext as database datatype and choose "UltraSimpleMailer(tm)" as rendercontrol - hit the save icon
  4. A bunch of new options appear: Choose the Newsletter Member Group from the dropdown list, and type the name and email address of the sender
  5. Now, go to Settings and create a document type named Newsletter
  6. Add a tab named "Mail" and add a generic property with your Newsletter Type
  7. Allow the Newsletter to be created under the appropriate document type (in the structure)
  8. Create a template that has the design that you wish the newsletter should contain
  9. Go to content and start creating newsletters.