US Tort Law/Overview

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The Torts Casebook is intended to be a casebook treating the subject of Torts much as would happen in a US law school. It is based on a series of podcasts ([1]) by Neil Wehneman, which he has been recording as he attends law school.

The class that Neil is taking follows the traditional North-American format of legal education, where the students are supposed to discover the principles of law gradually as they study one or more historical cases for each lecture. It is therefore important to take such a course as a whole, lest you end up with an outdated or simplistic view of the law.

The podcasts themselves are under Creative Commons, but Neil has given explicit permission for use of his materials in GFDL'ed Wikimedia projects.

To help write this textbook, you can follow a very simple procedure:

  • Listen to an episode of Neil's torts podcast
  • Create a chapter of the book containing
    • A link to the podcast
    • Links to relevant source materials
    • Links to relevant Wikipedia articles
    • A summary (or elaboration) of the episode's contents