US Criminal Law/Defenses/Self defense

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Self defense against any entrapping measures can be very tricky. First, are you able too get away or have a definite method too escape what is being forced. Say you have an addiction too a substance and have been clean. You are also having mental and health issues as well as attempting too avoid particular situation. The simple act of saying no 1 time and it being pushed or coerced, shifts entrapment too a form of legal and mental abuse as well as criminal responsibility of another and can be used against the agency operating. If you are forced out of an environment you have too be in by constant tactics too subdue by using unexplainable circumstances, you actually did not intentionally and willingly and maybe also without knowledge break a law. This turns entrapment in a dangerous or unlivable environment and should be took as unconstitutional. Any good agency will get the job done by deesculation and attempting other methods that allowing trusting behavior. Forced bad scenarios make trust issues and legal discrimination