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Transportation Geography and Network Science is a wikibook originated in the Spring 2011 by CE5180: Transportation Geography and Network Science at the University of Minnesota (instructor Prof. David Levinson). This wikibook introduces the intersections of theory and applications in Transportation Geography and Network Science. It covers the basics of networks and how transportation systems function on them. It describes how to characterize networks, (topology, hierarchy, morphology), and how that affects the use of those networks. The course is a mix between a lecture and a student-led seminar, with students responsible for researching and presenting on a number of the topics, as well as developing lecture notes in a wikibook format.

There are many excellent texts on Transportation Geography and several in the emerging field of Network Science. This book does not aim to duplicate them (though there is of course some overlap), but rather to connect these two fields which have separately emerged, as well as providing special topics on related fields.

Authors include:

  • David Levinson
  • Carlos Carrion
  • Indrajit Chatterjee
  • Xuan Cheng
  • Mengying Cui
  • Ahmed El-Geneidy
  • Alireza Ermagun
  • John Fahrendorf
  • Yiheng Feng
  • Jason Houle
  • Arthur Huang
  • Michael Iacono
  • Fan Jia
  • Elisha Langat
  • Yuxuan Li
  • Stephen Miller
  • Brendan Murphy
  • Shima Nassiri
  • Nicklaus Ollrich
  • Andrew Owen
  • Chelsey Palmateer
  • Pavithra Parthasarathi
  • Shaker Rabban
  • Jessica Schoner
  • Milad Shaddelan
  • Toshihiro Yokoo
  • Stephen Zitzow