Transformative Applications in Education/Overview

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Does Technology Improve Learning?[edit | edit source]

For over thirty years, educators have developed technology applications to improve student learning, but research has not not identified significant, replicable advantages for students who use technology compared to those who don't. While many studies do report significant learning advantages using technology, they are often small, flawed, or biased studies. In contrast, the results of several major studies suggest that much technology software may not produce significant gains compared with traditional classroom instruction.

What Does the Research Say?[edit | edit source]

Wenglinsky [1], for example, ...

Alternative Applications for Teaching & Learning[edit | edit source]

Can an Application be Transformative?[edit | edit source]

Characteristics of Transformative Applications[edit | edit source]

The Opposing View[edit | edit source]

Saul Rockman, Meteri Group, Dale w/ West Va Study

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References[edit | edit source]

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