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Training the Search and Rescue Dog

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The purpose of this book is to provide practical information to current and prospective SAR dog handlers. Since there are many different approaches to any element of SAR dog training, this book will be most useful if different opinions and approaches are documented simultaneously rather than constantly overwriting each other. If you see an error or have something to add to existing content, do so. If you have an alternative view, add this view rather than deleting existing content.

This book is organized in two ways: by training topic and chronologically. The training topics provide instructions on the training of individual skills the SAR dog needs, including multiple approaches to each skill and step in training. The chronological organization aims to provide what essentially amounts to a blueprint for raising and training a SAR dog, beginning at birth through certification and retirement. This blueprint must obviously be adapted to each training/dog team and represents a "best case scenario".

The Search and Rescue Dog

To do: Write about what SAR dog do, where they work, etc.

Foundation Training

The following chapters cover the raising and basic training of a SAR dog. Much of what is discussed is relevant for any working dog, but there are some unique considerations for the SAR dog.

Air Scenting Training

Tracking/Trailing Training

Human Remains Detection (HRD) Training

Disaster Dog Training

Avalanche SAR Training

Water HR Recovery

Part X: Training Schedules

List of SAR Dog Organizations

Training organizations

SAR dog teams