Total Annihilation/List of Abbreviations

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Total Annihilation Game Guide
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  • BB: Big Bertha. The long-range artillery gun built by the Arm faction.
  • Bertha: Short for Big Bertha
  • BLOD: Blue Laser of Death. The weapon fired by the Annihilator building, sniper k-bots, and some other units.
  • D-Gun: Disintegrator gun, able to destroy any unit in the game in one shot. Used only by the commander, this weapon of war costs 400 energy to fire and leaves no wreckage to be reclaimed.
  • DT: Dragon's tooth
  • HLT: Heavy Laser Tower (or Gatling Gun)
  • LLT: Light Laser Tower
  • LRPC: Long-range plasma cannon (i.e. Big Bertha or Intimidator)
  • Mexxor or just Mex: Metal Extractor
  • PA: Planet Annihilation (TA website)
  • TA: Total Annihilation
  • TA:BT or BT: Battle Tactics, a Total Annihilation expansion pack
  • TA:CC or CC: The Core Contingency, a Total Annihilation expansion pack
  • TAU: Total Annihilation Universe (TA website)
  • Timmy: Intimidator. The artillery gun used by the Core.