Topfield 5800/Universal remotes/One For All URC-7555

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  • Device setup

Device: SAT

Device code: 1206

Keys and functions: (I noted where the OFA key works out-of-the-box using the above device code and where I've needed to use Key Magic and a 5-digit code to map it to a Toppy function)

Number keys : Work
-/-- : 00246 Recall
Magic -/-- 00420 Opt
AV : 00357 PiP
Magic AV : PiP Swap 00486
Vol + : 00313 Vol+
Vol - : 00500 Vol-
Mute : Works
Menu : Works
Ch + : 00698 Ch+
Ch - : 00426 Ch-
Arrow keys : Works
OK : Works
Rew : Works
Play : Works
Pause : Works
Ffwd : Works
Prev Track : 00615 Text
Stop : Works
Rec : 00299 Record
Next track : 00553 Slow
Red : 00296 Red
Green : Works
Yellow : Works
Blue : Works
Guide : Works
i : Works
? : 00436 List (N.B. 00506 is not identical to the Toppy's LIST)
Back : 00440 Exit
PPV : 00617 Archive
Subt : 00565 TV/SAT
Radio : 00683 TV/Radio
Fav : 00036 White
  • Setting the URC-7555 to the basic setup code: press Sat, press and hold Magic until 2 blinks, enter 1206.
  • Setting a Key Magic button using the above 5 digit codes (e.g. Rec): press Sat, press and hold Magic until 2 blinks, enter 994, press Magic, enter 00299, press Rec.
  • To undo a Key Magic assignment (e.g. Rec): press Sat, press and hod Magic until 2 blinks, enter 994, press Rec twice.
  • A picture of the Toppy remote plus codes overlaid on the buttons is below. Codes are given as three digits (just add 00xxx for remotes accepting 5-digit codes). Those in white are the ones thought to be in setup code SAT/1206:

  • OFA say that the 7555 can be returned to OFA for an upgrade (the over-the-phone upgrade does not work) so that all the keys work via device codes VCR 1724 or SAT 1824. The upgrade service is free of charge (for both upgrade and postage back) within the first year of purchasing your One For All, provided you still have the proof of purchase.

If your One For All has been purchased longer than 1 year ago, or if you don't have the proof of purchase anymore, the upgrade service is still possible at the cost of £10.