Topfield 5800/Troubleshooting/Check Your Reservation

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The "Check Your Reservation" (or "CYR") prompt is a confusing bit of text asking permission to change what's currently being viewed in order to start a second recording. This is sometimes necessary because the Toppy only has two tuners, so in order to make a second recording it may have to change the tuner being used for the currently viewed channel. If you value your choice of recordings then the correct answer is "Yes" to this prompt (or press Exit, or let it time out), which will cause the channel to be changed and the second recording will be started. If you choose "No" then the second recording will be cancelled.

However, there are bugs/features which mean that this message may interrupt your viewing for no good reason (sometimes you may find you can immediately resume what you were watching after choosing the "Yes" option). The [Xp] PlayNoCYR and [Xw] WatchNoCYR firmware patches fix these issues, leaving the CYR prompt to only those times when it is actually necessary.