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Please use this page to list Feature Requests that have been submitted to the MyStuff Forum Thread. Requests that are not on the forum will normally be removed from this page.

Feature Requests[edit | edit source]

Request (short summary with link to forum post & name) Link to comments MS Team comments (with link to forum post & name)
When adding dates to the end of recordings, where one already exists with the same name, could you force it to do the first one too? Ie add the date to every file. I say this because, when transferring to PC/DVD, I often delete them on the Toppy. Then the next recording doesn't have a date on it and it's not easy to see which order they go in, when compared to the episodes I've already recorded.

I don't think I've explained that very well, but I think you'll get the idea. It'd be great to have the option to add a date suffix to EVERY recording filename. chrispayze

. Implemented in next version. chunkywizard
How about anything with a Film Genre goes in a folder called Films (or configurable folder)? I suspect that most of users have a Films folder, and it would be nice if the one time record timers set from the EPG for a film moved the .rec to said folder automatically. jondurant . We considered that (or something similar) at the point we added automove & autofile, but we decided against it (can't remember why!). I expect it is something that we will put in at some point, once we decide how flexible to make it (ie we could just do as you describe, or we could allow you to have some control over where it goes)
If all 70 timer slots are in use other TAPs can't set timers, can MS limit the number of timers it uses ichilton . We may consider adding the max to set as an option then at some point (maybe for the next version, maybe not). Just setting it to 60 would be too many for some people and too few for others.
The merging of same channel consecutive timers into one timer.

British TV like British Rail never runs on time, it's why we pad our recording timers in the first place, so removing padding to accommodate a second timer is not always the best choice.

A global menu setting for manual timers set in the EPG could give three choices, 'never' merge timers, 'always' merge timers and 'ask', which would generate a dialog much like that in EPG Navigator, asking the user whether to keep the timers separate or merge them. A global menu setting for CT timers could only realistically have two options 'never' and 'always'.

Please consider this feature, more than a few times now, I have found that the last two minutes of a recording I am watching with interest, are on the first two minutes of a recording I watched and deleted the day before. Snapper

[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] It's on the to-do list but low priority. Update: Bob is currently attempting a sophisticated implementation of this according to the CW[12].
Programs on the commercial channels almost always finish a few minutes early to fit in some adverts, but the next program than still often starts a minute early. On the BBC it's somewhat similar with all the trailers and previews. Therefore it would make sense to split consecutive programs at e.g. 20:59 rather than 21:00. So how about an option for that, e.g. "Split offset"? sanecyclist [13][14][15] This is the same idea as negative padding. It will work sometimes and not others also it complicates matters. Not sure this be implemented.
extend existing feature (slo-mo button) that resumes the most recently played recording to resume the second most recently played recording. i.e. keep a history of the two most recently played recordings. mike.hinson . Increases complexity and makes it non-intuitive. Also it would only have occasional use so will probably not get implemented
When I open the EPG, select Channel 4 (for example) and press 'right' repeatedly, I get an effect I'd rather not. On some shows the screen doesn't scroll enough to the right to show the programme's 'bar'. For example, at the moment (I guess it'll change later tonight), if I do as described, the 'Friday Night Project' first shows up as a sliver on the extreme right of the screen rather than the whole 'bar' of the programme being displayed. If I continue on, 'The Album Chart Show' also gives the same effect.

Wouldn't it be better to scroll the EPG screen enough to show the whole 'bar'?

In case it's relevant, I have option D2 set to '11/Small' and D3 to '3 hrs' andygrunt

[16] [17] .
For an instant recording, include the contents of the Time Shift buffer in the recording if Record is pressed while MyStuff now/next is displayed on the current programme. charley . Under consideration for a future release.
1. Pressing record in the CT popup saves changes. Can this be added to the Timer popup?

2. Can the order of Type be changed so that One Time and Weekly are next to each other?
3. Can Weekly be renamed to Every Week: it uses the same terminology as Every Day. simonc

. 1. The code for that was already there, but contained a slight error

2/3.Fair enough on both. How does the order One Time, Every Week, Every Day, Weekdays, Weekends sound? BobD Now implemented in next version - Chunkywizard

At the moment you can choose "Current(M)" to bring up the EPG centered (roughly) on the current channel. Probably code something like taking the current channel index C in the favourites list, EPG size N (rows) and showing channel indices (C-N/2+1) to (C+N/2) in the EPG (bounded appropriately).

What I'd like to suggest is a paged view of the EPG list, so you see the EPG with channel indices 0 to 7 if you're on any of those channels, 8 to 15 if you're on any of those, etc. With code something like: show channel indices (floor(C/N)*N) to (floor(C/N)*N+N-1).

The benefit is relatively few EPG channel arrangements are presented to the user, making it more predictable. And you could neatly group your channels into suitable themed pages-- i.e., kids channels for when watching with them, entertainment channels for when watching with the OH, and other channels for when desperate to just watch any old rubbish. R2-D2

[18] [19] [20] [21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34] Sounds like a good idea - I'd probably use this if it was available. I'm a great lover of consistency and predictability ... which is why I've got the EPG set to have "First channel in file" at the top of the display. However, this IS is a bit disorientating when the first page doesn't include the channel you're watching. In a 1-11, 12-22, (etc.) grouping, the highlight of the current programme would make it easy to locate the current channel (as it does now if I'm watching one of the first 11).

In my case, it's rare for me to be watching channels other than the first 11, so a fixed top of page is currently the best option, as I have the maximum number of channels showing and my favourite favourite channels are at the top of the file. However, the addition of Radio Channels to the end of my default favourites list could make the fixed page group approach even more appealing and relevant (even if I have to cheat in the favourites file to get good groupings of 11 channels ). juwlz. Now implemented in next version - Chunkywizard

When switching users could the default channel list for that user be selected. In my experience the currently selected channel list is used. It is not until the Toppy is rebooted that the default channel list for the newly selected user is used. ridgeowl . .
In the CT dialog, Search +1s is greyed out unless I select All channels. But why not allow it to take effect if I restrict the CT to E4 or Film4, or even for any individual channel? If there's no +1 counterpart for that channel, it should just make no difference PeteY [35] Not a bad idea, though it would require a change to the meaning of Include +1s. The thing is if you then had a faves list of channels and Include +1 was set, would you expect it to include +1s listed in that list and also +1 versions of other channels in the list? It could get confusing. I would stick with creating a fave list for each of those channel pairs. BobD
option of showing the time to the scheduled end of the show (i.e. ignore the padding at the end). andygrunt [36] it's a lot of work for little benefit. Sorry HydeTheDarkerSide

I'd forgotten all about what gets captured in the standard rec header. I take it we can read that via the API, or is this one of those "real TAP authors don't need API" moments? HydeTheDarkerSide

when selecting a file to play, that it should be possible for MyStuff to start the playback from the actual program start? That is, automatically jump the pre-padding. Ex_Sailor [37] Not sure this make sense, the idea of padding is because you don't really know when the programme starts so by doing this you may miss the programme beginning and have the jump back (just like you would do if you start the programme from the beginning). chunkywizard
Menu item M8, Suppress Toppy playback and recording roundels. could this be extended to suppress all Toppy roundels all the time not just when your quitting a MyStuff screen. Snapper . .
ability to make channel lists within Mystuff rather than making up a text file on the PC and then uploading this to the Toppy stevenparham [38] [39] There is no way to rename files in MS without deleting the .mei files, however deleting them will revert the information that MS displays to be the same as the Toppy displays (ie you will lose all the extra info that may be in the .mei file)

Of course you could also edit the saved .mei files to contain the new name, which would also keep all the old info. BobD There are no plans to include the renaming of archive files in MyStuff BobD Mainly because its not something I would use myself, and would require more work than I think it would be worth. Still, as ever with MyStuff development, its all flexible, so it might appear at some point. BobD

functionality that 'intelligently' figures out when a CT is no longer needed andygrunt [40] This would need BobD for an informed comment, but my only fear would be that the code checking for potentially expired CT's might take just as long to run as leaving un-used CT's in place and with the performance hit we have currently. HydeTheDarkerSide
I like roundels, but they're too intrusive. What I'd like is for the OSD transparency to be ramped up whilst they're showing and dropped back to normal. I usually run at less than 10%, anything more makes the EPG difficult to read. simonc . Nice idea but low priority at the mo - chunkywizard
When switching to a channel with an on-going recording, no matter whether through P+/P-, the grid, or other methods, it would be great if it would always jump to the last position you were watching (or the start of the recording if it's new). This would allow you to seamlessly zap in and out of a chase-played recording. sanecyclist [41] [42] [43] .
You can stop recordings from the archive. I don't know if you can adjust their duration. If not, how about it Bob? simonc . .
feature/option to record part of a program when it is not possible to record 100% or 110% of a program due to the tuners recording other things.

There could also be a settings in the config for this, so that it did not bother to record programs that would be less than {50%} of their total time or a time in minutes {14 mins} whatever is easy. Andy K

. This could be covered by the negative padding idea, but it sounds hard to code and therefore is not high priority - Chunkywizard
When it is not possible to set CT's it would be nice to have a report to warn you of this and automatically try and set another recordings outside your normal search window or use the freeviewplayback data. Andy K . ?? You get Clash Flags in the Archive screens (!) is this not enough? - Chunkywizard
Now that the bug has been corrected that displays Now+Next info on bootup, is it possible to make this display time a configurable option quite separate from the normal N+N display time. I have that set to 2 seconds (just for brief visual confirmation when I change channels), but would really like it to remain on screen a bit longer at boot up so that I know that it MS has finished all of its loading & searching and that buttons can be pressed. mossman [44] [45] .
Could the option in G5 be carried over to the Recordings by Name screen so that it sorts them by Name and then Date, ascending or descending, according to the setting in G5. captain747480 . .
recordings to be identified in the archive by their file names as well as their mei program names Snapper . You can edit the MEI files to match your edits of the program names. Hyde
- The ability to write a file which will make MyStuff set individual timers (or one shot CT's were mentioned in the past??) on it's next scheduled scan. The file will be removed after processing.

- On each scheduled scan, it will write out a file containing the details of all current timers.

- On each scheduled scan, it will write out a file containing the details of what the toppy is currently doing - playing which file or recording what on which tuner. ichilton Also, additional details building on this suggestion Unadecal

[46] ichilton said "Bob, and I exchanged PM's a while back about replicating EPG Uploader functionality in MyStuff. He said he would develop it into a later version as Bawbagg also requires it" pp Bob Yup this all falls into our "non-searching mst's" pot.

We're on the case, but we need to keep things open so that we can support a number of remote access timer features as well as extending some of the CT features to one-off timers.

This and a number of other major chunks of functionality are being prioritised amongst the team as we speak Hyde[47]

When setting up a search would it be possible to add an option to only record prgrams with a different synopsis? It would be good if it could check existing recordings plus upcoming programs. Maybe add an icon that indicates a program would have been set to record but isn't because same already exists in other timer or archive. Using this option would mean you leave "+1's" in your search which may useful at times - eg 2 recordings already set for given time so program can't be recorded on E4 but could on E4+1. nig . This is actually a MUCH discussed topic, and the answer is that the programme information is nowhere near reliable enough to be able to do this consistently. However, SeriesLink information is now being broadcast (although THAT's not entirely reliable either), and MyStuff will support this in future versions.

Have a look at the SeriesLink thread to catch up on what is and isn't possible given the current state of data available to work with. juwlz

The ability to set the channel on a timer simonc . this will be covered when we implement single-shot or time expired CTs I believe. Also when we have the API then we will have the ability to edit timers (although maybe only from a PC/ Web interface?) Anyway, it will happen in some form or other, just not sure when! API is currently geting worked on though... CW
consistent key and prompt for help

have a standard button (i.e. the I button for the sake or argument) that worked on all screens and brought up a new box with a list of available options on that screen Scrib

[48] [49][50] There is a help screen in the Archive. Press PipSwitch I think by default (though I'm probably wrong) and the description area changes to a help legend.

We are planning to have help screens more easily available, eventually. However adding them takes up time that could otherwise be devoted to new features! BobD how about printing the key sections of the manual and laminating them for SWMBO. Maybe it would make a nice Valentine's Day pressie? chunkywizard That's pretty much the way we're planning to do it. - i.e. have a consistent key and a prompt to press it that brings up a help screen. The key itself hasn't been decided juwlz

merge some half-channels to help remove lots of blank space in the EPG


[51] [52][53][54][55] .
new feature whereby pressing OK in the EPG always takes you to live TV irrespective of the current recording status of the programme selected. This is exactly the functionality of the native Toppy EPG pillory [56][57][58][59][60][61][62][63][64][65][66][67][68] I guess that could work, especially if you're given to using Play to explicitly tell the Toppy to start from the beginning. I never did like the Toppy implementation where Play resumed and OK started from the beginning. OK is an acceptance of the current state, whereas Play is a direct instruction in my book.

So since you know that a current recording is taking place as MyStuff displays the red recording icon, you would know which button to use.

But in any event the default behaviour of K11 could be used throughout the MyStuff osd's. Hyde

the possibility for MS to recognise the discrete off as a 'override all' to standby function Just . .
Please can the Info N&N display be made consistent during chase playback? mr-b . .
Can MyStuff be made to start after a couple of minutes have elapsed and without any OSD? That way I can switch Toppy on, record something, go to watching another channel and forget about it. underquark [69] Well I guess so, though starting on Toppy start and doing a search is a fairly important part of what MS does. I guess the other question is can it be made to start quicker/more responsively so that you could start recording something straight away. I'm not too sure we would ever delay the start, but we will look at making it quicker/more responsive BobD
a manual number input for start and end times in the timer box jamiec21 [70] There are two issues here, one is entering the start/end time directly with numbers (rather than >> and << which do currently work) and then there is stopping MS adjusting the timer afterwards. MS looks at all timers (if you tell it to) and adjusts them if it thinks the timer will no longer capture the program it thinks it should do. So in this case it would probably reset it to cover the entire program. I guess we could add some way of saying leave this timer alone, or maybe make this timer start 27mins after the start of the program, so that it would still get adjusted, but would keep the start offset. We'll think about it. BobD
Now MyStuff has its own directories, can the constraints on filenames be relaxed? In particular, it would be helpful to Windows novices if (at the very least) .mcl.txt files were permitted as Favourites files. [71] . .
to have a merged view of "new" timers (highlighted somehow) together with "old" timers and recordings. This list would be sorted by title and then description, and the mode would be geared towards including/excluding timers, so it would be good to see both title and (first part of?) description for all entries. R2-D2 . .
that old chestnut of... including description text in the CT searches.

For example, being able to add a search for 'Ricky Gervais' in a CT search that also looked in the description text would pick up stuff like chat shows that he was appearing on (TV & Radio). I know this is a very useful feature having used Jags for ages before switching to MyStuff. andygrunt

. my copy of MyStuff already does this. It still being worked on so don't expect it too soon, but there's not much point in putting it on the wiki ChunkyWizard
In the extended info view there are certain fields that will never take up more than half the width of a line (eg Aspect Ratio, Subtitles, Episode Number, Rating, Production Date) - could these fields be doubled up on a line so that there's more lines left for the description text?

For some programmes (usually films) we have 12+ info fields at the top and this only leaves 5 lines for the description, which means a lot of scrolling if the RT reviewer has gone bananas with the description! pillory

. .
a scroll bar in the description area of the extended info view (same as Archive scroll bar) so we know how far through the description we've scrolled? pillory . .
CTs .. extended from "Record" and "Watch" timers to something like "Interesting". This would not strictly speaking be a timer, but a way of flagging entries in the EPG as "interesting". The EPG would be searched in exactly the same way, but no timers would be set. Instead, the relevant EPG items would be highlighted.. R2-D2

also note similar previous suggestion called "mark timers" by sanecyclist

[72][73][74] .
Feature request Could the list of Timers also include the currently recording timers, too? I know they appear on the Archive, but it would be helpful to see them on the Timers list, too, so you can easily spot potential clashes without having to jump between the two lists. R2 D2

Or you could take it a step further and unite the archive and timer screens into one recordings screen that contains past, present, and future recordings. I think iGuide does that. sanecyclist

[75][76][77][78] this has been suggested before by one of the MyStuff team. Not sure it will happen in the short term but I will ask the team what they think. It sounds good to me, but we shall see how much coding is involved and whether it's worth it, chunkywizard


Timers are deleted anything up to around 5 minutes after their start time by the standard Toppy housekeeping routines. So we can't use that data. So we'd just need to check which data set is used to populate the recording Archive and see if that's suitable for display in the Timer view too.

What you can't do from the TAP API is then adjust the timer data for an ongoing recording. You have to use the in-built Toppy pop-up when you press Record outside of any osd. So for that reason, it might be better to not display it at all. Since it could well spawn more questions here than it solves as a feature request.

We'll let you know what we find.HydeTheDarkerSide when a timer has fired it is no longer a timer really hence why it is shown in the recording list! If you wish to show timers and recordings in one view I use the Grid EPG which is good for seeing clashes. chunkywizard

Could the Page Down (>>) behaviour in the DC List view be modified? At the moment, often you can't see the description for the programme at the bottom of the list. But when you press >> it scrolls to the programme after that one, and you have to press Up to see the description. What >> ought to do, IMHO, is scroll so that the partially-displayed programme is now at the top. PaulH . .
Implementing a Recycle Bin type functionality could be useful. andygrunt . Already done ... Actually I should probably qualify that... it's in testing. We had a very hairy moment yesterday where MS started deleting stuff that wasn't in the bin! It will need a bit more testing before it's ready. As always no idea when it will hit the streets. chunkywizard
some form of automatic programme recording (or highlighting/suggestion) based on viewing habits? In other words, a bit like the Tivo. andygrunt [79][80] That's a whole chunk of work we're not close to yet

I've no idea how Tivo achieves this, or even if they hold some kind of patent on the idea/deployment thereof.

But for us to do that is not yet on the radar. Issues about knowing what you're watching as opposed to being captured by the other tuner, or in playback mode, when you're not actually "watching" anything at all.

How you'd extract actor names from any other kind of word (capitalisation of first letter aside), from the description area would be kinda tricky.

How you'd want the resulting clashes between an explicit recording over something the algorithm had found handled.

If your kids viewed more telly than you, how'd you feel about having your hard disk eaten away by recordings from CBBC etc.

So, nice suggestion..... But not yet Hyde

Oversight? I think the links between from the CT pages, timers, recordings and EPG pages is fantastic and I find myself using it all the time to resolve conflicts and things. However, I think there's an oversight in this navigation: the link back from EPG is missing. Pressing Archive on programme highlighted in the EPG doesn't take you to a similarly named entry in the Archive list (if there is one). And by default the timers list button is White which does delete/ex-/in-clude on timers/CTs the EPG, but even if you change option K4 to a different button it just brings up the timers list at the top rather than on the highlighted item. R2-D2 . Ah yes, probably something that I should look at for the next release. Cheers BobD
use the "OK" button to pull up the EPG and then select the channel you want using the "OK" button, not unlike the SKY Digital remote? I see at present I can pull up the N&N with the "OK" but can't select a channel. pc1962 [81][82][83][84][85][86] if you do this you can not have consistancy because we allow the key to select the EPG work when other screens are displayed for example, if you are viewing timers and you want to go to the EPG then you just press Guide. Because OK is used to select things in most screens then you can not have it jump to the Guide screen. To allow MS to work as you want would mean re-coding and blocking inter screen jumps - hence why it hasn't been done. chunkywizard

I also wanted something like this, however I'm satisfied with an alternative we came up with - which is to use the arrow keys to bring up the N+N box, and you can then scroll through the channels/programmes in N+N, and OK will change to the channel you want. Bawbagg

a global option of CT's ignoring spaces and other non alphabetic characters in search text? andygrunt [87] It does already ignore some puntuation, but spaces are whole different ball game. You'd end up with recordings of some very strange stuff. Just have to accept that the broadcaster sometimes (or is that some times) cocks it up Hyde
allowing the user to select how often the CT is run? For example, most of my CT's would be just as effective if they were only run every so often. So, rather than ALL CT's being searched EVERY time, many might only run once a week or once every 2 or 3 days. andygrunt . .
limit automove target folders in size and delete unwanted files accordingly. Ideally, it would allow to set: [i] the maximum number of records, [ii] the maximum time since recording and [iii] a limit to the folder size flacan [88] Interesting idea. We have something like this coming along with the recycle bin. This limits by length of days it has been in the bin and free dsik space left. I suppose the idea could be extended to folders. I will chat with Bob... chunkywizard
Thinking further about auto deleting, perhaps it could be done through the timer settings? There could be an Expiry field, default NEVER, but adjustable to one week or one month. Then MS could simply check all files once per day to see if any had expired and move them to the recycle bin to await deletion. Easier to impliment perhaps? Black Cloud . .
is there a solution to the problem where, having set a CT for a prog, the EPG data isn't updated correctly (resulting in 'No Information' for the specified timeslot) and the programme doesn't get recorded.

So, would it be possible, when scanning for CTs, not to disable the record times if the EPG becomes empty? KennyT

[89] What you mean by the request makes perfect sense (and would stop me getting an ear bashing when House doesn't get recorded too!) I'll leave it to BobD for input on whether it's achievable. I suspect it would take a lot of work for a relatively small return, as CTs work by searching ahead through the EPG info, and they have no concept of a repeat interval. If the EPG has never been there, then there's never been anything to find.

You could always set a non-CT weekly timer ... and then we get back into the debate about relative priorities for one-shot timers vs CTs, as you'd presumably want the CT to take priority over the one-shot when EPG information IS available (i.e. most of the time), and only fire if the EPG data was missing. juwlz At the moment, MyStuff deletes timers set by CT if the EPG data changes. The idea behind this was to free up the tuner to record something else.

However, we'll modify it such that the timer won't get deleted if the EPG info is replaced by a "No Information" slot. Bawbagg

a small change to the way scrolling through lists like the Archive works R2-D2 . .
setting timers when the Toppy's timer list is full R2-D2 [90] Already implemented in NextGen Might be a while before you see it though Bob is working on a killer feature chunkywizard
Please could you implement a "smart delete" for CT recordings?

I would like, for example, to record the "Channel 4 News" every day, but delete the previous recording as soon as a new one is on disk, or record Simpsons every day, but only ever keep the last 5 recordings on disk. danb77

[91][92] .
. . .
looked for feature requests up to here (MH) . .
Add an additional sort option to the list of recordings to sort by programme description. This would facilitate identification and removal of duplicate programmes? Many thanks! [93] . .
Feature request on recordings. Add green 'markers' to recordings automatically.

Ones at the start and end would be best and ones every 15 or 30 minutes, or a configurable period?.

[94] . .
please post in the forum first then copy a summary here . .
please post in the forum first then copy a summary here . .
. . .
. . .

Features Implemented[edit | edit source]

Request (short summary with link to forum post & name) Link to comments MS Team comments (with link to forum post & name)
When manually creating folders from the archive using the green key, would it be possible to make the default name that of the highlighted programme (rather than Folder01). I only ask because I'm using serieslink a lot at the moment and find the current file naming a bit of a pain. Don't know if this request is a bit niche though. maverick This feature implemented in V5.21

This request will be moved to an archive shortley.

Its been mentioned before so it can't be too niche (unless it was you before too!). I will add to 5.21. BobD

Features Not Likely to be Implemented[edit | edit source]

Request (short summary with link to forum post & name) Link to comments MS Team comments (with link to forum post & name)
a settings page for altering colours, rather than having to use skins when they are basically just a small text file with a few colour codes. Even if it just meant manually entering numbers. autopilot [95] No plans to implement, use Bellisimos TAP
Could there be a one-button option to scroll through favourites; not in the Guide but when just watching TV. With Multiple favourites e.g. BBCs; ITVs; Fours; Fives; News etc changing Favourites then becomes a part of channel navigation as well as just a semi-permanent way of excluding channels. Two buttons for scrolling in either directions would of course make it even quicker.

Since writing above MS 5.2 of course does now allow some changing of Favs while watching TV. This is a partial solution but would it be possible to add more than 3 (N1-N3) slots (six or so would suit me personally; see above) .

. there are no plans to add more N settings, if you wish to scroll through all your fav lists do so with the Opt button then arrow keys, it's only one extra press! chunkywizard
a "lite" version, less like a Airbus 380 cockpit display, for old goats like me who are mentally and physically challenged would appeal to a wider audience. jumbo [96] [97] [98][99] This means more coding from Bob and maintaining 2 code bases, and for that reason will probably not happen
Can I just ask whether there are still plans to add native support for Radio (i.e. without requiring the OneList TAP)? dsw . No, there are no plans to add native Radio support, we do not see a need now. chunkywizard
Is it possible to have a one-button option to change a couple of Toppy Menu options. Same as the zero button changes the aspect ratio settings. In particular I would really like to be able to easily toggle interactive on/off. A button for scrolling through Video formats would probably also be useful for people who run RGB and S-Video only displays off the same Toppy. . . Not sure this is actually something that should be integrated into MyStuff. If it is possible to do this with a TAP I think it would be better as a standalone TAP. chunkywizard
Pressing the option button in Mystuff at the moment calls up a dialog in which you can select which of these .mcl files you want displayed, 'My Favourites', 'All Channels' and the new 'All Radio' etc. Would it then be possible to select freeview or Radio Times .mei data as well, instead of adjusting the L1 and L3 menu items. Snapper [100] Why do you want to do this? If you wish to use both eit2mei and RT data I suggest using eit2mei with the MergeMEI setting enable so you get a superset of the data chunkywizard
Any chance you could add some way of deleting files and timers without using the white button the remote. I'm using an IR translator and the remote won't translate the delete button... Unknown andrewnicols [101][102] I think it's unlikely that MyStuff will be updated to handle the shortcomings of your remote control. You may have to sacrifice another key and map to that. How about using the Green key? MS now has an option to create a folder on the fly when filing, so you could probably do without a specific key to create a new folder (or do it with Altair, or use ftp if you have your Toppy networked via a Slug or Asus). The only other thing the Green key is used for (off the top of my head) is to move back 24 hours in the Guide, which you can do with multiple presses of Red (or exit and go forward again with Yellow). juwlz
I would like to see is a pop up box when a recording is selected that gives 2 options....

A) Play from last view point B) Play from begining per-Sony-fied

[103][104][105][106][107][108][109][110][111] To watch from the beginning, press PLAY instead of OK (or vice-versa, depending on your K11 setting).

In Archive, you can also press STOP twice to reset the played percentage.

You can also press SlowMo (by default, or whatever you've chosen for K7) to resume playback of whatever recording you last stopped without going into the Archive. juwlz The problem with pop-up's is that we'd need to make them configurable so that users comfortable with the 2 options for playing back a recording are not constantly interrupted. That's a lot of effort for something that will become second nature after a short period anyway.

We already do have planned a method of bringing up some kind of crib sheet for any given screen you're looking at, but we've not really considered just yet, how we address those functions that can be instigated directly from the key pad.

But pop-ups for one-off functions are very unlikely I'm afraid. Hyde

to prevent 0 from changing the aspect ratio. I have a widescreen telly and I'd prefer it if the Toppy stayed on widescreen regardless. nwood [112][113][114] IMHO this should not be integrated into MyStuff as it is not key to the main function of the TAP (ie EPG/ Archive/ Timer functions). If we incorporate functions like this then the TAP will expand too much. I reckon it would be best in a standalone TAPHyde


long term control timers for returning series... once per week option... once per day option... littlealex [115][116] There shouldn't be any need for manually adjusting the timers, just change the time window &/or days of the week in the CT and when it re-searches it'll delete any timers that doen't now match the settings you've applied.

The problem with setting "once per week" is that you don't know what the frequency will be when the series returns, especially those that give you episode 1 & 2 on the same day and then settle into some sort of pattern after that. That's one of the reasons for the Exclude feature, until a pattern can be established.

In addition were there to be a glitch with the epg data, you might capture episode 2, then the epg data restores itself, but you miss episode 1.

So given the variation in potential, and experienced, patterns that the boradcasters adopt, I don't really see a way around this Hyde