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Exercise[edit | edit source]

Moving and physical exertion are good for you. Exercise can help reduce your weight, can prevent diseases (such as heart attack). You can get by with as little as 15 mins a day of good physical activity. However I have come up with a rule which is to exercise as many times as you eat (on most days I exercise 2-3 times a day). While aerobic exercises are a great start, building strength through weights and ab exercises go a long way in burning fat.

Simple Dos and Don'ts[edit | edit source]

5 Simple Dos
  • Walk at least 30 mins every day
  • Learn Stretching or Yoga Postures and practice them
  • Build core strength through ab exercises (pilates), weights
  • Do it in a team setting as often as you can. Involve your family or friends or co-workers.
  • Do it in everyday activities (take the stairs instead of elevator, walk to the end of the parking lot, gardening, Saturday market shopping etc.)
5 Simple Don'ts
  • Don't start an exercise regime without talking to your doctor.
  • Don't Keep the same regimen every day Mix it up.
  • Don't do it alone. Don't procrastinate, and don't buy expensive equipment.
  • Don't make it boring. Keep it fun. Watch your favorite show on TV while working out, or listen to some great music or enjoy the out doors.
  • Don't over exert (e.g. keep heart rate in the zone, or increase weights gradually)

Aerobic[edit | edit source]

Core Strength[edit | edit source]

Stretching/Yoga[edit | edit source]

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