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Verbs in Tok Pisin[edit]

There are basically two types of verbs in Tok Pisin: transitive and intransitive.

  • In general, transitive verbs end in -im. Example: kisim (sampela samting), take, receive smth. They are exceptions.
  • In general, intransitive verbs do not end in -im. Example: slip (long nait), sleep (at night)

Transitive verbs[edit]

more about transitive verbs

Intransitive verbs[edit]

more about intransitive verbs

Some very common verbs of difficult use[edit]

Most verbs are easy to use for English speakers, but some of them may be puzzling because of their unexpected meaning or use.

Here are some of them:

Nominalized verbs[edit]

Verbs can be nominalized. Examples:

  • traim > 1. to try (smth); 2. a try, an ordeal
  • askim > 1. to ask (smth); 2. a question.