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Tok Pisin Class 2 adjectives have the suffix -pela in attributive position, but they lose it when they follow the copula.

List of very useful Class 2 adjectives[edit]

draipela (em i drai) - dry
hevipela (em i hevi) - heavy, important
maupela (em i mau) - ripe
strongpela (em i strong) - strong
taitpela (em i tait) - tight
sappela (em i sap) - sharp

stretpela (em i stret) - correct
trupela (em i tru) - true

hatpela (em i drai) - hot
kolpela (em i kol) - cold

yelopela (em i yelo) - yellow


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Exemples of use found on the Internet[edit]

  • Sapos pipol or ol kampani ino bihainim stretpela we bilong yusim..., kain pasin ia iken kamapim bagrap long helt bilong yumi pipol. > If people or companies don't use this product correctly (in a correct way), it may affect our health. (Radio Australia)
  • Mi no longlong? Tingting blong mi i stret no mo. > Am I crazy or what? My thoughts aren't straight any more. (Tua Theater)
  • Mi laik wara tru, olsem kolpela wara tru. > I was longing for water, really fresh water. (Akono na Silimala)
  • Tasol long taim bilong ren, ...wara i kol, i olsem ais. > But when it rains, the water is cold as ice. (Masalai Wokim Tripela Ailan)