A-level Chemistry/AQA/Module 5/Thermodynamics

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The Fundamentals of Thermodynamics[edit]

  1. Temperature and the Zeroth Law
  2. Energy, Work, Heat and the First Law
  3. Thermal Machines and the Original Scope of Thermodynamics
  4. Entropy, the Second and the Third Law

The Microcanonical Ensemble[edit]

  1. States of a Brick
  2. Second Law of Thermodynamics
  3. Microcanonical Ensemble
  4. Thermodynamic Temperature

The Canonical Ensemble[edit]

  1. Two Bricks in Thermal Contact
  2. Partition Function
  3. Specific Heat
  4. Entropy and Heat Conduction

The Grand Canonical Ensemble[edit]

  1. Chemical Potential
  2. Grand Canonical Wnsemble
  3. Fermi and Bose Statistics

Critical Phenonomena[edit]

  1. Phase Transitions

The Ideal Gas and Heat Engines[edit]

  1. Ideal Gas
  2. Slow and Fast Expansions
  3. Heat Engines
  4. Perpetual Motion Machines

Further Reading[edit]