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Web-portal of The Ministry of Healthcare
Multilanguage - Ukrainian,
- English,
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In the State Register, in addition to potentially hazardous facilities, there is a list of regulatory documents, as well as a list of facilities that are deleted from the state register of potentially hazardous facilities.

All information is publicly available. Registration is not required.

Open Data[edit | edit source]

The state register of potentially dangerous objects in Ukraine is an automated information and reference system for recording and processing information about potentially dangerous objects.

Today, the State Register contains detailed information on more than 23 thousand objects, including industrial enterprises, mines, quarries, gas and oil pipelines, hydraulic structures, junction railway stations, bridges, tunnels, storage facilities and waste at industrial landfills, sites storage of hazardous substances, etc.

Registry database is constantly updated. The State Registry software allows automatic search and selection of information on more than 40 parameters, which include the name of the object, location, category of object, type of activity, technical and economic characteristics, type and categories of danger, names and quantities of hazardous substances and materials, etc., as well as combinations or separate parts of these parameters.