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Web-portal of public associations register
Multilanguage - Ukrainian
Mobile versionNo
Social NetworksNo
Official website:

The Register of Public Associations - is a search service of public associations according to their data.

Open Data

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The user can search the registry using the following parameters:

  • the name of a public association;
  • registration number of the record
  • Uniform State Register code;
  • information about the certificate of registration (number, date of issue);
  • the location of a public association:
    • region;
    • area;
    • settlement;
    • street / building.

After entering the specified data, the user is given search results in the form of a table with the data:

  • Registration number of the record;
  • Registration status;
  • Record type;
  • Full name;
  • Short name;
  • Location;
  • Date of last change;
  • Number and date of issue of the certificate (duplicate certificate);
  • Registration Date.