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Web-portal of executive bodies
Multilanguage - Ukrainian,
- English
Mobile version No
Subscription No
Account No
Search Yes
Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
Official website:

A Unified web portal of the executive authorities of Ukraine provides users with services and other information on the following sections:

  • Government and authorities;
  • Services;
  • Activity;
  • Government decisions;
  • For the public;
  • Press Center.

E-services[edit | edit source]

Unified Government Portal - contains services that state body of Ukraine provide on the next categories:

  • Citizenship and Migration:
    • Extract from the State Register of Voters;
    • Permission to move persons to the area of ​​the anti-terrorist operation (ATO);
    • International passport;
    • Interactive map of checkpoints;
    • Migration services for foreigners;
    • Citizen's passport;
    • Check for invalid documents;
    • Transliteration check;
  • Registration and business management:
    • Accreditation of executors of material and technical assistance (MTA);
    • Conclusion on goods that are not produced and have no analogues in Ukraine;
    • Information from the bankruptcy registry;
    • Information from the business register;
    • Inclusion of information on individual entrepreneurs (IE);
    • Inclusion of information on legal entities (LE);
    • Making changes to IE;
    • Permission to import publishing products;
    • Permission to re-export goods;
    • Individual license for foreign trade operations;
    • License for fire fighting;
    • License for the production of alcohol and alcoholic beverages;
    • License to export goods;
    • License for the implementation of property investments abroad;
    • License to import goods;
    • License for import/export of alcohol and tobacco;
    • License for the provision of financial services;
    • License for the wholesale trade in alcohol;
    • License for employment abroad;
    • License for tour operator activity;
    • Termination of the activity of IE;
    • Extension of the terms of settlements for foreign economic operations;
    • Fire declaration;
    • Registration of MTA projects;
    • Registration of a financial institution;
    • Registration of IE;
    • Special license to import goods;
  • Transport:
    • Electronic driver's office;
    • License for road haulage services;
    • Car carrier check;
    • Check autocitizen;
    • Check the status of the green card;
    • Submission of electronic euro protocol;
    • Vehicles in search;
  • Finance and taxes:
    • Cancellation of value added tax (VAT);
    • Exclusion from the register of recipients of agricultural (agricultural) subsidies;
    • Extract/Help from the register of policyholders;
    • Extract from the register of excise tax payers;
    • Extract from the register of VAT payers;
    • Extract from the register of policyholders;
    • Extract from the electronic administration system for the amount of the increase in VAT;
    • Extract from the electronic administration system of VAT;
    • Cancellation of a complaint against refusal of registration of a tax invoice;
    • Reimbursement of VAT with bonds;
    • Entering the agricultural producer in the Register of recipients of budget subsidies;
    • Help from the register of VAT payers;
    • Certificate of no debt;
    • Information on the amounts of income paid and taxes withheld;
    • Request from the register of tax invoices;
    • Fuel volume request;
    • Application form 17-OPP;
    • Application form №1-OPP;
    • Application in the form №1-VAT;
    • Information by operations from the electronic administration system of VAT;
    • Updating information on electronic digital signature (EDS);
    • Obtaining a non-profitability attribute;
    • Help for invoices whose registration is suspended;
    • Registration of excise tax payer;
    • Complaint against the decision of the State Fiscal Service Commission (SFS);
    • The status of a separate account of the excise tax payer;
    • Form No. 1-PH;
    • Form No. 20-OPP;
  • Security and judgment:
    • Certificate of good conduct;
    • Submission of applications to the court;
    • Verification of a criminal record;
    • Checking the phone in the database of stolen;
    • Certificate of absence of corruption offenses;
  • Construction and real estate:
    • Request for potential rental/privatization objects;
    • Information from the registry of rights;
    • License for construction;
    • Monitoring of actions on property rights;
    • Message about the start of construction work with minor consequences;
    • Message about the beginning of construction work on the basis of a construction passport;
    • Message about the start of preparatory work;
    • Acceptance of the facility with minor consequences;
    • Adoption of the facility on the basis of a construction passport;
    • Adoption of an object constructed without permission;
  • Social protection:
    • Extract from the Register of insured persons;
    • Certificate of income of the pensioner;
    • Certificate of income of the pensioner for the appointment of subsidies;
    • Certificate of the insured person (OK-5);
    • Assistance with the birth of a child;
    • Entry to the employment center;
    • Appeal to the Pension Fund;
    • Information on institutions of higher and vocational education;
    • Verification of education certificate;
    • Check student and student tickets;
    • Recalculation of pension;
    • Purpose of housing subsidies;
    • Pension assignment;
    • Check medical certificate;
  • Land and ecology:
    • Extract cadastral map (plan) from the State Land Cadastre;
    • Correction of errors in the information of the State Land Cadastre;
    • Extract from the registry of land surveyors and surveyors;
    • Extract about the land plot;
    • Extract of the normative monetary value;
    • Extract of land use restrictions;
    • Extract of land appraisers;
    • Information about the owner of the land;
    • Waste declaration;
    • Help statistics on the availability of land;
    • Permission to develop documentation of land management;
    • Documentation on land management, which is included in the State Documentation Fund;
    • Duplicate certificate engineer land surveyor;
    • Lands within the territory of administrative and territorial units;
    • Interactive landfill map;
    • Information about persons who viewed information about the ownership of a land plot;
    • Environmental impact assessment;
    • Coordination of the project of land management;
    • Registration of the land plot;
    • Certificate of land engineer.

Petitions to the Cabinet of Ministers[edit | edit source]

Citizens can apply to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) with electronic petitions through official site with comments, complaints and proposals concerning their statutory activities, application or petition for the implementation of their socio-economic , political and personal rights and legitimate interests and a complaint about their violation.

Article 40 of the Constitution of Ukraine grants all citizens of Ukraine the right to send individual or collective written appeals or personally apply to state authorities, local self-government bodies and officials and officials of these bodies who are obliged to consider the appeal and give a reasoned response within the period established by law, namely:

not more than one month from the date of their receipt, and those that do not require additional study - immediately, but not later than fifteen days from the date of receipt. If it is not possible to resolve the issues raised in the appeal within a month, the head of the relevant body, enterprise, institution, organization or his deputy shall fix the necessary time for its consideration, as reported to the person who submitted the appeal. At the same time, the general term for resolving the issues touched upon in circulation can not exceed forty-five days.

A petition is considered if it collects at least 25,000 signatures of citizens in its support for no more than 90 days from the date of publication.

The right to appeal provides citizens with the opportunity to assert their rights and legitimate interests and restore them in the event of violations, participation in the management of state and public affairs, and influence on improving the work of state authorities and local self-government, institutions, enterprises and organizations.

Registration on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and further instructions[edit | edit source]

In order to create a new petition or vote for an already existing one, you need to register on the website of the electronic petitions of the CMU, providing your personal data, confirm registration by sending the activation code to your mobile phone.

Important! You need to have an Ukrainian mobile phone number to receive the registration confirmation code.

When creating new petitions, it is necessary to check whether there are already any such appeals on the site.

Active petitions to the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine on the subject of the e-government[edit | edit source]

Signing up to 18-05-2019[edit | edit source]

Signing up to 27-04-2019[edit | edit source]

Signing up to 03-03-2019[edit | edit source]

Signing up to 19-02-2019[edit | edit source]